About Us

Ten years ago I went to Kenya, not knowing what to expect, listening to a sorrowful cry that I heard one night in my times of solitude... a cry and a travail that I could not ignore.

It broke my linear flight through life and I sought out friends in Africa... anywhere so i could bring some comfort to these children. I set foot in Kenya in December of 2004 and when my eyes beheld the desolation and shield of defiance in the eyes of children who were abandoned or told that there was no way their single parent could take care of them, my journey of redemption began... Redemption for those lost souls who truly believed that there was no glimmer of hope in the darkness around them.

World Hope was born out of my vision to love these children with all that I have. I began to help in any way that I could --- first, by partnering with an organization called Streams of Life to bring water to a suburb of Nairobi, now partnering with Light of Life Mission..to bring education and continue to meet the healthcare need in the most remote part of Kenya.

The need endless, the resources limited... but dreaming big never fails. So began our journey into the heart of sub-Saharan Africa. Please, join us to make this journey YOURS.

Soshella Jalaluddin, O.D
World Hope, inc.

Board of Directors

  • Soshella Jalaluddin, O.D. - President
  • Shonela Jalaluddin, PharmD - Vice President
  • Cynthia Randolph - PAC Treasurer/Secretary
  • Wind Pham, CVT - Trustee